How to use a bamboo steamer

I bought this bamboo steamer a while ago on Amazon. When I was looking to purchase it, I had a lot of trouble understanding whether I needed to buy something else besides the steamer itself. A few weeks ago, someone asked if I had found any pictures to help me (since that’s what I commented on in the review).

So anyway, here’s how I use my steamer! I use it all the time to make Trader Joe’s frozen wontons and sometimes for veggies like broccoli. Here’s my how to:

Place the steamer into a wok or electric skillet filled with about and inch of water (I use an old electric skillet). You don’t need a rack or anything underneath, the bottom of the steamer is elevated from the water.

When the water starts to boil, remove the lid–you should see steam.
Put down a layer of parchment paper and then your food. Add the lid and steam away!

If you want to steam two things at once, put the one that needs more steam (usually the fish or thicker thing) on the bottom.


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