Black and white polka dots!

My apologies for the blurry picture–my camera is broken,
so this is the best I got… this is the bride with her bridesmaids,
all wearing black and white (by chance)!

This dress has been in the works for nearly a year. I actually finished it in early August, wore it twice and took pictures, and have been too busy to get it on the blog! Anyway, I made this dress for a friend’s rehearsal dinner, but I cheated and wore it on vacation in August first. 

All our outfits for the weekend ready to go to the car–you can
see the knotted straps best in this picture, so I included it

I drafted this pattern myself. It’s actually very simple–just two pieces, a front and back piece–connected at the sides and the straps. There are darts in both the front and back, and I put an invisible zipper in the side. The straps are the most exciting part… they’re knotted in both the front and back! I already shortened the straps a bit after first wearing it, but I think I’ll shorten them a bit more before wearing it again.

Back of the dress
My cousin made her own dress too!
First sewing project for her! 
Side view–I also wore a hot pink cardigan
that night that matched the shoes

Sadly, the dress is now under my bed with the rest of my sundresses until the spring 😦 The first time I wore it with a pale blue narrow belt, and the second time with a braided royal blue belt. Both times I got to wear fun shoes!


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