Betty Draper for Halloween!

Betty Draper costume, complete with candy

I decided on this costume about a year ago, so you can imagine I was disappointed when it SNOWED Halloween weekend. I bared the cold, wet, grossness though, and I made my costume work! Here are a few pictures! 

Self portrait that shows the front of the dress
better than the pictures with the full costume
The back–I tried to make my hair look shorter,
but that failed, so I just left it like this

I used a “Vintage Vogue Pattern”–Vogue 2903. There was SO MUCH FABRIC. There wasn’t even enough space in my little apartment to cut it out, so I had to lug it into lab and use the conference room table. I ended up shortening it quite a bit in the end (I made the shorter version, but it hit the middle of my shins). It also ran really big. I made two sizes smaller than my measurements indicated, and it still didn’t fit snugly where it was supposed to. 

I made a modified petticoat to go underneath for some poof (just a circle skirt with tulle at the bottom). 

Gathering tulle
The underskirt

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