Vogue 1241 Sew Along Details

As promised by the end of September…

Let’s start this one in about a week and a half – Thursday, October 10th. This pattern is not as hard as it might look, but it is a step above what I’ve presented before on this blog. The final product looks awesome! This time, I won’t go through quite so many details (I’ll assume you have more experience), so you should have made something wearable before (or just have a lot of confidence)! 

I would rate this pattern as easy-intermediate, with the last knit dress being very easy. The one complicated part of this pattern is just getting it to fit right. As you choose your fabric, I recommend picking out something with a little stretch. I didn’t! If I make it again, I plan on using a stretch cotton or sateen, though.

So, go buy your fabric! Buy your fabric based on the fabric measurements listed for your size. REMEMBER, PATTERN SIZES ARE DIFFERENT THAN RETAIL SIZES! For comparison, my measurements put me between a 10-12 in pattern sizes. If you’re between sizes, size down because this pattern does run large. 

Here are all the days of the sew along: 











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