Non-slip headbands (like sweaty bands)


I’ve never been able to get stretchy headbands to fit properly. The issue isn’t so much that my hair is too slippery (though I’m sure that could contribute), but my super high forehead means that a headband sits at the peak of my head, meaning that it naturally wants to slide back. Add a little bit of elasticity to the picture, and it fails.

I was skeptical about sweaty bands fitting taking care of that problem, but they do! The reason is that the only elasticity is in the back – the part that goes across your head is not stretchy. The problem is that at $15-$20 headband, they’re way out of my price range, and I only own one. I scoured the internet to find out how to make my own and discovered they’re super easy.

The most difficult part was finding velvet ribbon. Neither Michael’s nor Joann Fabrics carries it around me, so I had to ask my mother in law to pick some up at Hobby Lobby and mail it to me. I used two full spools making lots of headbands for both myself and for the baby! They have been serving me well for running, yoga, and regular life 🙂

I just measured the sweaty band I already owned, and cut the ribbon/fabric, velvet ribbon, and elastic to match. I sewed the ribbon/fabric to the velvet ribbon and caught the elastic in on each end. I banged all of these out in an evening and hope to make more!




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