Freezer paper stenciling!

I finally jumped on the bandwagon and made a freezer paper stencil project. The idea is simple – print your design on freezer paper cut to 8.5″X11″, cut out everything you want to paint, iron the freezer paper to your fabric, paint over it with acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium, and then peel off the freezer paper. 

Cutting the letters was not so simple, though! Someone gave me an awesome idea to use a cutting board under my freezer paper while cutting, and that saved the day and allowed me to cut the tiny letters with my X-acto knife, but if I’m going to make a habit of this, I’ll need a self-healing mat and a smoother knife that will allow me to cut like I’m writing with a pen.

I’ve used fabric medium before to dye silk flowers, so I had some on hand and just used it according to the instructions on the bottle. I heat set and washed after only about 10 hours and was successful, though!

The hoodie is another Brindille & Twig Raglan Hoodie, but I didn’t line the hood this time.

My daughter wore this hoodie while we ran a 5K to support colon cancer awareness and research.   




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