Toddler Easter Dress

I had these lofty visions of a full coordinating family set, but there was a clear winner – the toddler Easter dress. My own dress turned into a skirt when I messed up the bodice at 10:00pm the night before Easter, and my husband’s pocket square was way too big and looked kinda silly. I’m not happy with the skirt, either, and had I known it was going to be a skirt, I would have made a different style! The toddler dress turned out great, though, albiet a bit big! I just added a little box pleat after the fact to the front and little tuck pleats to the back that I can easily take out later to allow the dress to last more than one year, most likely!

All patterns are self-drafted.

Fabric is tutti fruity collection from Joann Fabrics.

Happy Easter!

20164666AC20164661AC20164637AC20164660A 20164675A copy20164645AC

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