Spoxxy Pattern Review

I didn’t think I would like this pattern. I thought it was going to look frumpy and make me look pregnant (I’m not). Turns out, I love it! I should have gotten it long ago.

The pattern is the Spoxxy from Stitch Upon a Time (the maker of the Brazi). It is a racerback tank that is loose throughout the abdomen and then tight at the hips due to a band at the bottom of the shirt.

When I compared my measurements to the size chart, I was confused. It placed my bust measurement at a larger size than my waist and hips. Well, that’s never happened before… After some closer consideration, I realized that my upper back is proportionally MUCH bigger than my bust arc (front of my bust measurement), which is why my bust measurement is larger than you might otherwise expect. Since this shirt is a racerback tank, it does not need to stretch around your back at all, so I compared my bust arc to a standard measurements chart and found the corresponding bust size for the average person, which put me at a small on the Spoxxy size chart. Still pessimistic, I decided to make my first Spoxxy out of a giant, free tshirt, and I didn’t even cut the bands until I tried it on. I used black cotton lycra for the racerback piece (as well as the bands, once I cut them). I couldn’t cut all the way to the top of the straps on the tshirt, so I extended the back straps and cut them on a diagonal, which I think looks nice.

Once I sewed the shirt together (took about 5 minutes), I LOVED IT! Then I cut the bands and attached them (took about 5 hours – ok, that’s an exaggeration, but I need to get faster at bands, they take me forever and make me angry). The instructions are clear and easy to follow. Assembly is much easier with a serger but totally possible with a sewing machine, provided you have it optimized to work with knits (ballpoint needle, walking foot, etc. are all big plusses).


I plan to make many more Spoxxys when I have time!


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