Adult rash guards 

After using enough sunscreen this summer to UV protect a house, I managed to make two rash guards for myself for a trip to the beach! Now I only have to sunscreen my legs, face/neck, and the bottom half of my arms 🙂

I used my own raglan pattern for these with about an inch taken out for tightness. I had one yard of the navy blue chain link fabric I used to make my bikini suit, so I had enough to make a full rash guard that reaches my elbows. I only had a 18″x18″ piece of the black/gray/orange quatrefoil, so I used it as contrast stripes with solid orange for the base. The orange fabric was much thinner than the prints, so I lined it with white swim lining from Joann Fabrics. It couldn’t have been more different than the black from The Fabric Fairy – it had much less stretch, was much thicker, and was more slippery. The edges also curled more than anything I’ve ever seen before!

I finished all the edges with swim elastic, but I probably shouldn’t have pulled it so tight.

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