Mommy and Me Dresses

I forgot to share these dresses I made to take family pictures on the beach! The bodices are made of gray cotton spandex from The Fabric Fairy, and the skirts are made of peachskin from Girl Charlee. The cotton spandex is awesome. I am not a fan of the peachskin. I LOVE peachskin fabric, but this stuff was not at all up to par with what I’ve seen and worked with before. It is super thin and doesn’t sew well at all. I will not be ordering peachskin from Girl Charlee again.

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Since peachskin is woven and has about as much stress as a piece of paper, I gathered it evenly onto the cotton spandex bodice for both my dress and the toddler dress. I should have gathered it to a piece of elastic and then attached it to the cotton spandex because the seam is a little bit wonky.

I originally tried to cut the skirt with a somewhat circular waist that flared to the bottom, but that did not work at all. In the end, I cut it straight across and ended up with a flared rectangle (like a trapezoid). If I were to do it again, I would do a gathered rectangle to begin with.

I added slits up the side of both dresses to allow for walking room (to make it wide enough at the bottom for my long stride, I would have needed a lot more fabric). For my daughter’s, I could have avoided the slits if I had made it a bit wider.

My daughter took two separate dips into the ocean wearing her dress, but at least peachskin dries super fast 🙂

20165286a-monkey 20165288a-monkey

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