Minky baby blankets

Spoonflower started offering Minky fabric about a year ago. I was skeptical about whether the napped fabric would work with finer prints, but it DID NOT DISAPPOINT! Holy moly, this stuff is wonderful!

I ordered two yards of minky for four baby blankets. We kept one (my daughter uses it at school for nap – it fits perfectly on the cot) and gave the other three as gifts. I’m looking forward to designing my own print for this purpose at some point! The chemical structure (by Studio Fibonacci) is that of oxytocin, the “love hormone” or “bonding hormone” that is released during breastfeeding, cuddling, etc. The math one (by Thin Line Textiles) features random calculus equations and went to the new baby of an AP Calc teacher. I included a “fact sheet” about oxytocin with the blanket, too 🙂

The printable area of the fabric is about 56″ wide, so I just cut it in half lengthwise for two pieces that were 28″x36″. For the back, I used plush cuddle fabric. I sewed them together, turned and topstitched, and voila! A super cuddly baby blanket just the right size for the car seat, stroller, daycare cot, or tiny baby playmat.

The only problem I had while making these was that the plush fabric was so thick, my presser foot squished it and stretched it out, even when using a walking foot. My machine is notoriously troublesome with this, but usually a walking foot solves the problem. You may not have this problem if your machine isn’t out to squish everything, but I found that HEAVY starch solved the problem. I think Wonder Tape may work too – I’m going to try that next time.

Washability is important to me, especially with baby items, so you’ll be happy to hear that this fabric experienced NO fading or shrinkage, and we wash our blanket about every other week, using hot water.



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