Mini capsule for mom: Shirt #1

This year, I sewed my mom three tops/tunics for Christmas. I spent a lot of time choosing styles that would flatter her figure. She has an extremely high waist, so the below waist volume of her body is much greater than above the waist, even though the circumferences are comparable. As a result, she considers herself pear shaped (and I agree). However, because of her very high waist, many styles usually recommended for pear shapes really don’t work out well for her. The goal is to draw attention toward the bust, but any scoop neck or v-neck styles look like they go all the way to her waist. I chose three different styles to accentuate her chest area without dropping the neckline: one has a boat neck top with a hood, and the other two use color blocking with a crew neck.

On this first top, I designed the safety pin fabric myself and had it printed on cotton spandex (5.5 oz/square yard via Spoonflower), and I used a dark gray cotton spandex from Purple Seamstress for the bottom (10 oz/yard or 6 oz/square yard).

I self-drafted the pattern using the Patterns for Pirates Layer Me Up top as a guide. I added some additional ease since she doesn’t like super tight fitted shirts, and I shortened the bodice about 2″ above the waist and lengthened it 3″ below the waist.

I’m so happy with how it turned out! I’m trying to get pictures of the other tops to share, too.


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