Drool Guard to fit an Ergo360 (free pattern)

Note: Assembly photos coming soon! Wanted to share the pattern for some people who were waiting for it. I’ll add photos soon.

I recently made some suck pads and a drool guard for an Ergo360 as a baby shower gift. The suck pads turned out great using a free pattern, linked here, but I couldn’t find any patterns for the drool guard. The Ergo360 is somewhat unique in that it uses buttons to fold the headrest up or down, so the drool guard needs to utilize these buttons (or at least allow for their functionality). I designed my own pattern, and I’m sharing it here with you in case you want to make your own.

This pattern features buttonholes to fit the Ergo360 buttons as well as elastic loops that loop around the buttons, holding the bib guard in place. The part that covers the headrest includes a backing that doesn’t quite cover the full button, holding the most important part of the droolguard – the part that covers the headrest – in place.

Click here for the free drool guard pattern (pdf)! Instructions are below.

I made my suck pads and drool guards using three layers:

  1. Quilter’s cotton (anything either moisture wicking or absorbent goes for this layer)
  2. An absorbent layer (I used microfiber, but anything thin and absorbent would work here, or you can skip this layer entirely if you’re not worried about a lot of drool)
  3. A waterproof or water-repellent layer (I’ve used PUL or fleece for this layer, or you can just use an absorbent layer without a water-repellent layer if you’re not worried about drool soaking through)

The pattern has two pieces – the main drool guard and the back tabs that hold the guard in place over the headrest. The main drool guard is almost 8.5″ tall, so depending on the limitations of your printer margins, the top and bottom may get chopped off. Fear not! I’ve marked the stitching line (dotted line), and the cutting line (solid line) is exactly 1/2″ away. Just extend the cutting line based on the dotted line, and you’ll be all set.

Additionally, you’ll need two pieces of narrow elastic, 3.75″ long. I used 1/4″ wide elastic, but you could use slightly narrower or use a hair tie for this purpose.

Assembly is easy:

  1. Sew the two layers of the back tabs together along the straighter side only, right sides together, using the 1/2″ seam allowance. Trim the bulk, and turn these pieces inside out. You can leave the curve raw, as that will be joined to the rest of the headrest.
  2. Assemble the other pieces in order, matching notches, but don’t sew yet!
    • Layer #3, right side up
    • Back tabs, with decorative layer (layer #1) facing up
    • Layer #1, wrong side up
    • Layer #2 (doesn’t have a right or wrong side)
  3. Now, slide the elastic in between Layer #3 and Layer #1 (there won’t be any back tab in this area). The loop should be facing in, and the ends should be hanging off. The ends should overhang the edge of the fabric by 1/4″ (3/4″ past the stitching line).
  4. Sew all the way around using your 1/2″ seam allowance, leaving an opening along the bottom to turn the drool guard rightside out when you’re finished.
  5. Snip at the corner all the way, but not through, the stitching line. This snip line is marked on the pattern.
  6. Trim the bulk and optionally trim the curves before turning rightside out.
  7. Turn rightside out and press.
  8. Sew the buttonholes, making sure not to catch the back tabs. Since this is a really big buttonhole, I found it easier to sew the buttonhole manually rather than using the automatic buttonhole stitches on my sewing machine. Just sew a straight line along one side, then do a tight narrow zigzag over that line twice, move over, and do it again, closing the edges with a wider zigzag. Open up the buttonhole with a seam ripper.
  9. Topstitch close to the edge, all the way around the drool guard, except around the back tabs.

I’ll add assembly photos soon to alleviate any confusion!


5 thoughts on “Drool Guard to fit an Ergo360 (free pattern)

  1. Hi, Thank you for this great pattern. Do you have any photos of the stages? Im a little confused about the back tabs. Fiona.


    1. I don’t have pictures because I haven’t made another one yet, but I might be able to explain better or just take a picture with random fabric. Are you confused about attaching them or using them?


    1. Hi Bev, do you mean when to sew them on (that’s in the blog post, step #2), or how to use them (you can see the back tab in the third picture – you see the elastic extending toward the button and the back tab showing on the back of the head rest, right near the buttonhole).


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