This has been a serious summer of sewing for me, but I’ve been really bad about sharing my sews! Part of it was just overall busy-ness, part of it was the fact that my free wordpress space is about to run out (and if someone can tell me how to better store blog photos to save space without paying for it, I’d be very happy), and part of it was that I was keeping my pregnancy a secret! Well, I’m about to enter my third trimester, so I guess I can share more publicly.

I have LOTS of #MeMadeMaternity to share, including my favorite bump hiders for early pregnancy, tutorials for my favorite maternity alterations, and my Patterns for Pirates #sewminicapsule entry, which is a mini maternity capsule.

Let’s start with a Disney World roundup. We went in early July, and I made almost everything I wore. I was 19 weeks pregnant at the start of the trip (almost 20 weeks by the end). All the pictures are flat garment pictures or photos taken in Disney World, but I might share some pics at different stages of pregnancy later. I’ll include pattern/construction details here, but some items will get their own posts as maternity pattern reviews later. In addition to my day by day outfits, I’ve included a few additional makes that I wore daily at the end.

Day 1:

I wore yoga pants and a tanktop on the plane, but then after a dip in the pool, I changed into this dress. I didn’t announce my pregnancy until the next day, so I chose this dress for its bump-hiding properties. Even now, a stranger would have no idea I was pregnant in this dress. The dress is McCall’s 6074 in ITY knit with a broad back and swayback adjustment. This is my absolute favorite bump hider (and has sleeve options, too), so I’ll certainly do another post with more info.

Day 2:

This was the day we announced that we were expecting. My top is my fitted tee (a heavily fit-altered Patterns for Pirates Layer Me Up top) bodice with added side ruching to the front and the bust and sleeves of the P4P slimfit raglan (fit alterations outlined here). The ruching adds 6″ between the waist and hips, and I’ll post a separate tutorial on adding ruching to any top or dress later. I included elastic in the neck binding and cut it at a high V-neck so it will allow for good coverage but still be nursing-friendly later. The shorts are RTW, tied shut with a hair tie. My daughter’s raglan top matched mine and says, “Big Sister in Training,” and I’ll give more info about her outfits in a separate post! The purple cotton spandex is from Purple Seamstress Fabric, while the silhouette print is a custom knit.

Day 3:

We channeled our inner mermaid this day! I wore an old purple RTW tanktop with these Ariel shorts that I drafted myself out of Spoonflower’s athletic wicking jersey (called “performance pique”) printed with my own design, available for purchase if you like it. The waistband is cotton spandex from Purple Seamstress. The shorts match my daughter’s and also match our toddler carrier with the mesh panel (pictured at the bottom)! I LOVE these shorts. I used the Patterns for Pirates Peg Leg recommended waistband width for my high hip measurement around 15 weeks (two sizes bigger than my usual measurement). They fit great and still have plenty of room to grow now. Under the purple tanktop, I’m wearing my Endurance Bra by Greenstyle.

Day 4:

Cinderella Day! I used a custom knit with a Cinderella and Prince Charming silhouette combined with Purple Seamstress cotton spandex to make a Spoxxy by Stitch Upon a Time. I previously reviewed the pattern, and I didn’t change anything for maternity. The shorts are the Striped Swallow Coachella shorts with the same waistband I used for my Ariel shorts, made in some mystery fabric I got from a neighbor at some point – it may be upholstery fabric, I’m not sure. It’s slightly shiny and the perfect match for Cinderella. The trim is white tulle, and the waistband is cotton spandex from Purple Seamstress. I hadn’t quite mastered the fit for these shorts yet at that point, so they were a bit snug and clearly fell into the Disney Bounding category rather than everyday wear, so I cut the waistband off when we got home and used it on some other shorts later.

Day 5:

Using a custom knit panel and solid cotton spandex from Purple Seamstress, I made a “relaxed fit” version of my fitted tee (again, a fit altered LMU) by expanding the entire bodice 2″. It fit perfectly and is very comfortable. Now that I’m a bit bigger, it is stretching well with my belly. I used binding instead of a band on the neckline this time, just to mix things up, and I love the look! The shorts are just Soffe shorts.

Day 6:

Again using a custom knit panel and solid cotton spandex from Purple Seamstress (the same lime green I used for the waistband of my Ariel shorts and for my daughter’s Tinkerbell-inspired outfit), I adjusted my fitted tee into a racerback style tanktop. I didn’t make any fit adjustments to my original pattern, which caused the top to try to ride up above my belly throughout the day. Not a huge deal, but I was tugging it down a bit.

Day 7:

This time, I wore a Patterns for Pirates slimfit raglan (again with my fit alterations from before, pre-pregnancy size with no mods). This fit PERFECTLY despite the fact that I was significantly bigger. This pattern is one of my go to patterns for bump hiding early and a super comfy fit later. The fabric is a custom knit panel with a solid 2-way stretch from The Fabric Fairy.

Additional items:

Most days, we took a nap and/or went to the pool in the middle of the day, and I just put the same clothes on again for the late afternoon/evening. One day I did change into something else, though. I chose the Stitch Upon a Time Brazi dress I had made last summer for our beach pictures, blogged here.

I made a nursing-friendly lightweight hoodie that I wore every day on the bus or in chilly restaurants and over-air conditioned attractions. I used my slimfit raglan pattern and added my own self-drafted 3-piece hood. The nursing access is via snaps at the raglan seams, and the fabric is a combo of Purple Seamstress cotton spandex and a custom panel. My daughter wore a matching hoodie (with yellow sleeves and hood).

Finally, I made a soft-structured toddler carrier that got SO MUCH USE. Either my husband or I wore it every day at some point. We used it to attempt falling asleep on the bus with a seamless transition to the bed (worked a few times), for evenings when we didn’t want to bring the stroller to the park (there were a few nights we would have been physically trapped and unable to leave after fireworks if we had had the stroller), and once or twice when walking through long lines. The mesh panel is my self-designed scales from Spoonflower (in performance pique, their athletic wicking jersey – same as the Ariel shorts), and the purple is a Robert Kauffman cotton twill. I designed the head rest myself. I’ll blog the carrier separately, but since it was part of my Disney outfits, I’ll include a preview here.


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    1. Thanks! I made some more bump-specific items since Disney, posted in the group with my capsule entry, but I think all will be wearable later with minimal alterations (the main alteration later will be swapping yoga style waistbands for the regular waistband on my SOS shorts, I think). I’ll hopefully be sharing these here soon! I also just ordered an embarrassing amount of ponte to make pants 🙂

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